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Our network started in 1999 when a group of young people initiated project days to counteract the growing danger of xenophobia, Neonazi violence and election successes of radically right-wing parties in Germany. In several workshops, they developed our first three anti-racist project days for schools. This was the beginning of the Network for Democracy and Courage.

Meanwhile the network has grown. Many partner organisations and institutions from Germany and also France and Belgium have joined our movement. Over the years a broad and strong network has emerged, which has been honoured by several awards.

Our Aims:
- To confront and speak up against discriminatory statements and behavior
- To spread information and enhance knowledge
- To motivate people show courage upon their democratic convictions
- To foster solidarity with people who experience discrimination
- To encourage young people to participate in shaping our democratic societies
- Strengthen social competences, open-mindedness and fairness

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Network for Democracy and Courage (NDC)
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