For kids at elementary schools
PROJECT DAY V: What’s 'normal'?
A project day on ‘normalities‘ and sensitive usage of language
  • For kids from the age of 11
  • Asks what is 'normal' and why people sometimes are excluded and devalued. Invites everyone to use language consciously to act courageous against discriminating language.

PROJECT DAY W: We are many - count me in!
A project day to reflect on individual wishes, needs and abilities as well as respect, fairness an solidarity with each other 

  • For kids from the age of 10
  • Points out how important it is to have ideas and wishes and what respectful social interaction has to do with this.

PROJECT DAY Z: 'Foreign' becomes 'familiar'
A project day on diversity, exclusion and solidarity with each other

  • For kids from the age of 10
  • Discusses why we think of some people as 'strangers' and how seductive prejudices can be. Points out that letting go of prejudices is better for everyone.

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