For students and apprentices
PROJECT DAY A: This matters to all of us A project day on discrimination, people affected by racism and courageous action
  • For students from the age of 14
  • Addresses prejudices, discrimination and racism. Discusses ways how one can courageously step in when encountering such problems in day-to-day life.

PROJECT DAY B: Can you get it if you really want?
A project day for solidarity against injustice and classism

  • For students from the age of 15
  • Analyses what shapes our societies and the ways we live together. Highlights social injustice and solidarity with each other in everyones own social environment.

PROJECT DAY C: In spite of all! A project day against inhumane attitudes, groups and strategies and for solidarity commitment

  • For students from the age of 14
  • Dissects the fallacies of intolerant attitudes and Neonazi ideology. Identifies ways to courageously confront such anti-democratic attitudes.

PROJECT DAY D: Anti-Semitism is only safe on the moon
A project day on anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories and own responsibility
  • For students from the age of 15
  • Sheds light on anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories. Shows how we get easily caught up in clichés about people we perceive as “different”.

PROJECT DAY E: Europe, don't panic!
A project day on inequality in, escape to and options for action for Europe

  • For students from the age of 15
  • Focuses different life realities of youth and human rights in Europe as well as human rights violations. Motivates to take action with ideas for a solidary design of Europe.

PROJECT DAY G: A school as concentration camp
A project day in the concentration camp memorial Mannheim-Sandhofen

  • For students from the age of 15 and apprentices
  • Reflects about the time of National Socialism at the example of the concentration camp Mannheim-Sandhofen. Points out why it is important to commemorate.

PROJECT DAY GR: Let's get/do together
A project day on antiziganism, discrimination against Sinti_zze and Rom_nja and courageous action
  • For students from the age of 14 and apprentices
  • Focuses on the history of antiziganism and those affected by gadje racism. Motivates to take action against them.

Be different without fear A project day on the topics of "culture", anti-Muslim racism and courageous action

  • For students from the age of 15
  • Shows that the concept of culture is used to construct different groups, which can lead to discrimination and racism. Picks out anti-Muslim racism as a central theme. Motivates to take action against it. 

PROJECT DAY Reclaim 1.0 // re:claim your web - 
spunky comments A project day for devaluation and courageous action on the internet

  • For students from the age of 15
  • Spots on devaluation in the internet. Presents initiatives and organisations which support with discrimination. 

PROJECT DAY Reclaim 2.0 // re:claim your web - 
fair and safe through the net A development project day for the project day re:claim your web

  • For students from the age of 15
  • Thematises the experiences students made since the project day reclaim 1.0 and focuses on the difficulties they had. 

PROJECT DAY S: All the same? All different? All good?
A project day on gender images, victims of and courageous action against sexism
  • For students from the age of 14
  • Focuses on gender mainstreaming and critically examines gender-based discrimination and sexism. 

PROJECT DAY T: Let's talk about us!
A project day on communication and team work

  • For students from the age of 15 and apprentices
  • Looks at teamwork and communication and shows how they can constructively influence each other.

(in German)

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