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Empowering Democracy through Educational Activities

Our main field of activities consists of project days and workshops carried out in schools and vocational training centres. Both educational formats are designed to encourage young people to actively confront problems we regularly encounter in our day-to-day lives. Racism, stereotypes and discrimination are only some examples of the issues we address.

Our experience draws on a total of about 1.000 project days we carry out each year. Inspired by the success of our activities for students we developed special concepts for teachers. They address problems of neo-Nazism at schools and in local communities. Also they discuss how students’ active engagement for a democratic and open-minded society can be enhanced.
Our project days
Our project days are extracurricular educational programmes. Supported by public funds, we are able to offer our activities in schools and vocational training centres free of charge.

“Show Courage for Democracy!” is the motto of our project days. Designed for pupils from grade 5 onwards, the project days cover a range of many different topics. Although each project day places its emphasis on a different aspect, they all touch upon crosscutting themes as well. Examples are “democracy”, “discrimination” and “racism”.

Each workshop covers the average duration of one school day that is 6 units of 45 minutes. Two young volunteers are in charge of leading the workshop. Following the guiding principle: “Youth for Youth” we strive to encounter our participants on an equal footing. “Youth for Youth” can be understood as a synonym for flat hierarchies, which are supported by the young age of our instructors and their ability to speak the language of the youth we address. Instead of imposing clear-cut opinions and concepts on the youth we interact with we aim to involve them in controversial discussions. This way we hope to confront, challenge and rethink existing prejudices.
Our volunteers
The persistence of xenophobic attitudes in our societies is a sad fact which cannot be ignored. This is why our project days „Show courage for democracy!“ were initiated in the first place.

Many young people all over Germany share our concerns and motivation to act upon them. Together we strive to emphasize that racism is an inhuman and anti-democratic attitude that calls for courageous action and better arguments.

All of our project days are carried out by young and highly committed volunteers. Each volunteer has received special training for this purpose. Our volunteers never conduct project days on their own, but always work in groups of two. Each project day involves extensive preparation and substantial, standardized evaluation.

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