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The Network for Democracy and Courage (NDC) is a non-profit organization in Germany which has been dedicated to democracy-empowering educational work at schools and vocational training centres for more than a decade. Our primary object is counteract racism and to speak up against discriminatory statements and behaviour.

Our ´project days´ are designed to encourage young people to actively deal with issues like racism, stereotypes and discrimination. Being a network of young people, “youth for youth” is the guiding principle of our work. The project days are run by trained young volunteers and aim to strengthen civil courage and motivate students to be active members of civil society.

The NDC was founded in 1999 and consists of numerous youth organisations, educational institutes, associations and many committed individuals. It is active throughout Germany and also cooperates with partners in France and Belgium.

Who we are - Every year, we train about 200 young volunteers who run more than 1.000 school project days each year. Our anti-racist message reaches thousands of students! Our mission: Show courage for democracy. more»

What we do - In our project days, we are working with students in schools and training centres from the age of 14. Besides, we also offer project days for kids and younger teenagers, as well as trainings for teachers. more»

Where we operate - The NDC is active throughout Germany. Regional branches operate in 12 federal states. The headquarters in Dresden coordinates the work of the local offices. Besides, the NDC closely cooperates with partner organisations in France and Belgium. more»

Leaflet: Who, if not you? How you can intervene when witnessing racist assaults - Racist insults and violence are very common all over Europe. Many people are afraid or do not know how to react when witnessing a racist incident. In such situations, civil courage is needed. This leaflet provides suggestions for courageous action and shows that some small steps can change a lot. mehr»

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